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Tepui Aluminized Ayer 2 Canopy Background

Tepui Aluminized Ayer 2 Canopy

was $499.95


Tepui rooftop tents utilize a patented Zipper Gimp™ to attach the canopy to the tent base, making it easy to interchange canopies depending on the conditions you face. This aluminized canopy is ideal for inclement weather, and is designed to fit the standard 2-person tent base. This product is an accessory to the Baja Series™ roof-top tents and includes the canopy only. Tent base and rainfly are not included.


Tepui Garage Sale products have been used in displays, for photo shoots, rentals, or have sustained minor damage during shipping. These items are sold at a discounted rate based upon the condition, and include no warranty coverage. Documentation of condition will be provided, but all products are sold "as-is" without a warranty, and all sales are final. By purchasing a Tepui Garage Sale item, you agree to accept the product in its condition upon receipt. Shipping charges not included in listed price.


Browse the drop-down options below, and contact us (800-301-9874) for more information, and/or to purchase. Garage Sale items are first come, first served.


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