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SkyCamp™: Horizon SkyCamp™: Horizon

SkyCamp™: Horizon


The SkyCamp™: Horizon is a durable and comfortable structure, perfect for backyard glamping or hosting short-term campers and guests. The Horizon gives you all the benefits of rooftop camping without the need for a vehicle, and can be used seasonally or year-round. The Horizon fits any Tepui tent, and is designed to support the entire base of the tent unfolded (no ladder required to support the weight).


  • 30" tall. Great for easy ground access into the tent, or those who prefer a lower profile.


  • Quality constructed with Douglas Fir wood. 

Bulk pricing available. Assembly required. SkyCamp™ purchase does not include a Tepui tent. Shipping is not included- please call for exact shipping quote.

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