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2 Bar Orange/White LED Light Kit Background

2 Bar Orange/White LED Light Kit


This kit contains two 19" high-powered weatherproof LED bars which can produce both white and orange light. The white light is ideal for maximum visibility, and the naturally bug-repellant orange light is ideal for when bugs are present. 


This DIY kit comes with all the necessary cables, quick connectors and mounting hardware so you can install yourself in nearly all applications. Includes strong magnets on the back side of the bars, for easy mounting to cars or other metal.


Key Features

  • Low power consumption - can be left on all night without affecting your battery
  • Comes with dimmer switch to adjust brightness 
  • IP68 rating means the lights are completely waterproof (will run underwater)
  • Heavy-duty, double-insulated cables to prevent voltage drop, which results in brighter bars
  • All cables come standard with waterproof locking DC connectors


Pack Contents:

2x High-powered 19" orange/white light bars

1x Orange/white dimmer switch

1x 12V battery pack (AA batteries not included)

1x 10ft extension lead to male cigarette adaptor

1x 10ft battery terminal clamps to female cigarette adaptor

1x 16ft (5m) orange/white extension lead

8x Velcro straps for mounting

20x Zip ties for mounting

1x Hard carry case

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Output - 1,100 lumens (white), 700 lumens (orange)

Ingress Protection - IP68 (excl. dimmer)

Beam Angle - 120 degrees

Current draw - 12v/0.6A per bar

Lifespan - 50,000 hours