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The trip of a lifetime, sponsored by Tepui
Endless Adventure is at the core of Tepui. We chose 10 teams and outfitted them with cash and gear to go on the road trip of their dreams. From the Arctic to the Bayou, explore their routes, meet the teams, and check out their trip recap videos to get inspired for your own endless adventure.

Ready to hit the road?
We’ve put together itineraries and trip reports with must-see destinations and key beta for the best Tepui campsites and vistas. Team Descriptions

What’s your dream adventure?
Tell us what you’re cooking up and you could live your Tepui Endless Adventure in 2019! Contest applications below.


10 teams
31,186 miles
$35k Cash + Gear

Where would you go?

What drives you to get off the beaten path? What would your dream road-trip look like?

Each year, wse'll kick off a new Endless Adventure contest, giving you the chance to take off on a Tepui-Sponsored adventure! We will choose 10 finalist teams to sponsor with cash and gear towards their ultimate road trip. Sign up for below to be the first to know about Year of Endless Adventure news and Updates!

Get to know our 2018 teams and their trips

Click through to each team’s trip report to learn more about their route and
tips for your own Tepui adventure.

Boren Wild Tepui Ambassador

Boren Wild


Watch as Aaron, Mallory, Oakley, and Summit explore their home state of Washington in search of wild horses, ancient rainforests, untouched beaches, and desert lakes, during the ultimate 

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Going Where the Sun DOES Shine (All Night) Tepui Ambassador

Going Where the Sun DOES Shine (All Night)


Watch as Greg and Erin travel from Alberta to the Arctic Circle on a trip to explore glaciers, bask under the Northern lights, and take a celebratory polar plunge in the Arctic Ocean.

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HMB Overland Tepui Ambassador

HMB Overland

Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine

Watch as Josh, Dan, Drew, and Chris test the limits of overlanding and off roading on a self-charted path paralleling the Appalachian Trail all the way to its terminus in Maine.

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Natalie & Brian Tepui Ambassador

Natalie & Brian

Glacier National Park, Yellowstone

Watch as Brian and Natalie hike, fly fish, and snowboard their way from Colorado through northern California, the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, and back through Yellowstone and Grand Teton .

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Team Aloha Tepui Ambassador

Team Aloha

From Northern California up to Canada

Watch as Lana, Tyler, and Tricia (and a couple little fur balls) travel from northern California up to Canada to making sure to leave no forest or waterfall unexplored.

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Team Dafugahwee Tepui Ambassador

Team Dafugahwee

Arctic Circle

Watch the Hoffman family as they travel from Washington to Canada’s Northwest Territory of Tuktoyktuk, experiencing stunning isolation and a little solvable car trouble.

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The Never Settlers Tepui Ambassador

The Never Settlers

San Diego, Oregon, Eastern Sierras

Watch as Garret, Sammi, and Lindsay travel over 4,000 miles up the entire Pacific Coast and back down through the Rockies and Sierras, living out their team motto “send it!” in every way.

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Tour De PNW Tepui Ambassador

Tour De PNW

Black Rock, Portland, British Columbia and more.

Watch as Kevin, Gabe, and Connor explore the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia, carving out new trails along the way.

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Tropic Like It's Hot Tepui Ambassador

Tropic Like It's Hot

New Orleans, Alabama, Everglades, Key West

Watch Stephen & Julia escape from reality with a trip from the swamps of Louisiana down to the white sandy beaches in tropical Florida.

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Wander With Us Tepui Ambassador

Wander With Us

Alpine Loop

Watch Shawn & Pietrina explore Colorado and New Mexico on a route specially designed to find the darkest skies and brightest stars.

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