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Here at Tepui Tents we love getting out and camping all year round. Nothing gets us more excited than the crackle of the fire, cooking up exquisite camp dinners, and exploring the lesser traveled areas of the great outdoors. Our partner, Four Points Adventures hosts trips to beautiful and exciting areas around California and into our neighboring states. Each trip will be to a different spot and include activities such as 4x4 trails, hiking, kayaking, surfing, winter camping, SUP, and more. We know you love your camping toys too, so bring them along and charge as hard as you want! In true Tepui Spirit, we are open to expedition suggestions... so don't hold back! Let us know where you want Tepui to go! The registration fee is to cover park fees, safety and delicious community meals prepared by team leaders.

Death Valley Adventure

Black Rock Desert Adventure

Bodie & Mono Lake Adventure

Lost Coast Adventure

Photography Exploration

Create Your Own Adventure

Tepui Roof Top Tents Lost Coast Adventure

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