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Quick note from Tepui: Overland Expo 2015, Flagstaff, AZ. Background


Quick note from Overland Expo 2015

July 08, 2015 Tales from the Road

We had a great time in Flagstaff, AZ for Overland Expo 2015.
We camped with Rick from Bivouac Trailers and friends. While packing up we smartly remembered to include some of the camping/Expo essentials like beers and sausage, but we happened to forget one important item, or so we would discover when the 27 degree night temps hit: gloves.
Having beers around the fire as the snow softly fell took on quite a chillier tone, but our spirits stayed up, as is the case with good food and good friends while spending time in the rugged beauty of the outdoors. Fortunately, we stayed warm and dry in our Kukenam Ruggedized and Ayer tents at night and Rick kept our camp and visitors well fed with sausage, burgers and dogs and the best breakfast burritos ever during the day to ward off the cold.
All in all a great weekend.  Nice to see so many friends and great companies participating.
- JG