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Silver Foxes

October 22, 2019 Endless Adventure

Silver Foxes Tepui

Team name: Silver Foxes


Team Silver Foxes, new empty nesters, are kicking off the next phase of adventure by exploring what makes the Great Lakes so great.



Gear that got them through



Lake Michigan and Lake Superior Circle Tour Team Silver Foxes


Things to know before you go and logistics:


Consider booking things well in advance. Ferry’s, permits, registrations and even camping reservations can take time and are limited. Because we did all our adventures in one action-packed trip, we needed to be really prepared. We included kayaking, hiking and canoeing and fishing as our key activities, each in different places.

You will need to secure your Ferry Reservation to and from Isle Royale and a reservation and permit to Canada’s Quetico Provincial Park first since both are very limited and in high demand.
Once you have those sorted out, you can build the balance of your itinerary around these dates.

For Quetico, you will need an outfitter. We choose Seagull Outfitters and were very happy with the attention and care of the company. The owner, Deb, was extremely helpful and they assist you in getting all the permits you need with the exception of your fishing license. Seagull Outfitters also has a very comprehensive online checklist that will likely suffice for most of the trip. They can rent you almost anything you need if you don’t want to bring it or you forget it.
Isle Royale National Park is accessed only by ferry and there are specific dates and locations you can get to or be picked up from depending on the day of the week and time of year. The only way into and out of the park is by ferry or seaplane. No cars, bikes or vehicles of any kind. We did not know about the seaplane in advance but if you have the resources, consider flying in or out and taking the ferry on the other leg for an amazing view and experience. The only
downside to the seaplane, other than cost, is that it is less predictable due to the ever changing weather in Lake Superior. If you get seasick consider bringing dramamine. Lake Superior has its own weather system and changes on a dime. It contains 10% of all the earth’s freshwater. It is HUGE.

Go ahead and get an Annual US National Parks Pass. It pays for itself on this trip alone. Each national park has an entry fee so if you plan to do any more traveling in the coming 12 months, you can save significant money by getting an annual pass.