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Boren Wild

May 01, 2018 Endless Adventure


Team name: Boren Wild


Participants: Aaron, Mallory, Oakley, Summit


My wife and I have 2 little boys who love the outdoors. We set out to get our kids connected with our home state, Washington. We adventured through five separate weeklong trips through the San Juan Islands, the desert lakes of Central Washington, the rainforest and coastal beaches of the Olympic Peninsula, the mountains and hills of Spokane and Walla Walla, and the Backcountry Discovery Route through the Cascades.


2018 Road trip details:

Instead of one long road trip we're on a bit of a Washington State Tour this year. We've planned 5 separate loops through each unique area of our home state. The goal is to help connect our boys with the state they'll grow up in.


Along the way we'll see:

  1. Seattle to Spokane and down to Palouse looking for wild horses
  2. The rainforest of Olympic Peninsula and the Costal Beaches
  3. North to South along the Backcountry Discovery Route high in the Cascade Mountains
  4. A loop with our boat to visit all of Central Washingtons desert lakes
  5. Touring all the San Juan Islands to see the Puget Sound from every angle




Can't leave home without:

Aaron: an excuse to leave work early.

Mallory: my stretchy pants

Oakley: pockets full of Pokemon

Summit: "my baby" (Panda stuffed animal)


Favorite tune to listen to on the open road:

Aaron: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Can't Stop

Mallory: Harry Styles - Sweet Creature

Oakley: Million Dreams - The Greatest Showman

Summit: Justin Timberlake - Sunshine in my Pocket


Signature/go-to camp food:

Aaron: sunflower seeds

Mallory: breakfast - scrambled eggs and hash browns

Oakley: campfire popcorn

Summit: marshmallows


"Best known for"/"claim to fame"/"trip role":

Aaron: The get away driver, the fire maker, the pack rat, just the Instagram husband

Mallory: "Social Media Influencer"

Oakley: The know it all

Summit: the copy cat / daddy's shadow


A perfect trip would include these three items:

Aaron: my family, my boat, my camera

Mallory: swimsuit, sunshine, a beach

Oakley: candy, candy, candy

Summit: candy, candy, candy




Recreate their trip

Last winter I came to the realization as a outdoor loving middle aged family man that my kids were just still too little to really go on any real backpacking and camping trips with me. Sure we could hit the state parks but I wanted to get out in the middle of nowhere and find places worth not telling a soul about so I can keep them all to myself.


My wife, well she’s great, but she’s one of those wives that said she liked camping until we got married and now is coming clean and admitting that she’d rather just get a hotel room than sleep outside on the ground somewhere… (she’s also currently pregnant, so fair enough)



But here I am trying to balance my need for adventure and my desire to do it with my family. Oh and I’m not patient enough to just wait 6 more years to start bringing my kids with me. So I had to get creative in trying to make everyone happy at the same time. A tricky thing to pull off for any family.


As I started trying to figure out what we should do as a family I came across a new term online, “overlanding”. It’s this thing where you go adventuring in your car, not on foot, but are still way out in the backcountry exploring. Like a safari but without all the rhino’s and lions and stuff. I kept reading and came across Tepui’s website after seeing a few pictures of roof top tents. My eyes got big! I knew right away that this was what I was looking for!



I love cars just as much as I love the outdoors, and the whole concept of overlanding just smashes those two hobbies into one epic family-friendly little package. I thought to myself “I’m doing this for sure.”


I just had to convince my wife to buy in. I showed her some of the tents to gauge her response and she said something like this: “I like that it’s high off the ground away from animals.” I knew I had her.


I quickly pointed out that these tents had full size mattresses built in to them and that we could use blankets, sheets, and pillows instead of sleeping pads and bags. She was down for it so I started planning a summer of family adventuring.



That very same week I had 3 different people forward my Tepui’s article about their new Endless Adventure Contest saying that we’d be a perfect fit. I figured what the heck and made a little entry video to apply. WE WON!?!? Man the stars just kept aligning. Tepui helped us pick the tent and get on the road exploring new corners of Washington state!


My boys loved the tent! To them it was just like a mobile tree house, a fort, and one they still can’t enough of.


My wife loved being safe and comfy up on top of the car at night. We did encounter some deer one night. Of course as it was all happening we both thought it was a bear tearing through our camp.



The tent kept us out of the wind and rain and we didn’t have one disappointing experience the whole summer. We stayed dry, warm, nothing broke, and we had simply one of the best summers of our lives.


We saw sunsets from campfires in some of the most epic mountain top spots all over our state.


We drove through deserts to find lakes few have ever heard about.


We camped on the top of sand dunes that over looked lakes.


We saw every different terrain of Washington’s diverse landscaped.


We made amazing lifelong memories as a family and the big orange Tepui tent will be the centerpiece of this summer forever.



For more information about Tepui's Year of Endless Adventure contest, click here


Shots from their adventure

Gear that got them through


Ruggedized Series Autana 3


3-Person Flannel sheets


Gear Container


Large Duffel


HardKorr Unilight