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Todd Rogers/Four Points Adventures Background


Todd Rogers/Four Points Adventures

I’ve loved traveling and exploring the world since I was a kid.  My parents first instilled my lifelong desire for adventure when I was 4 years old with a sailing trip in a 32 foot trimaran from California to Central America. I spent most of my youth exploring the planet by sail and in later years discovered the thrill of land exploration via 4x4s. I was in college when I bought my first 4x4, a 1986 Toyota Extra cab truck. From my very first offroad trek down a bumpy, winding, dirt road in the middle of nowhere I was hooked on my new mode of discovery. Twenty five years later I’m more immersed in the overland world than I could have ever imagined.

I bought my first Tepui tent when my wife convinced me that buying a rooftop tent might be easier than trying to build one on my own. After searching the web I found out that Tepui was located in Santa Cruz only an hour and a half away. I had a great conversation with the owner, Evan Currid, who helped us decide on the right tent for us. I got along great with Evan and asked if they ever took their clients out for an adventure using the tents. He said not yet but they were looking to do something along those lines and that’s when I offered my services as a guide. That was the start of Tepui Adventures, which is now my own business called Four Points Adventures.

I now have multiple Tepui tents and have put them through the wringer on a variety of trips from coastal California to Death Valley. Tepui tents have out-performed my expectations in a multitude of weather situations including dust storms, gale-force winds, rain and freezing temperatures. I have always been impressed with Tepui’s willingness to produce quality products that are backed by conscientious customer support.


1993 Toyota Landcruiser additions: 33” Falken MT Tires, OME 2.5 lift, Slee short bus front bumper and sliders and a Dobinsons rear bumper with twin swing-outs, Prinsu roof rack, Tepui Autana 3 person tent, HardKorr lights inside and out, SnoMaster Fridge, Snorkel, and a Mean Mother winch with synthetic rope and a Factor 55 Flat link, communications are via Ham, CB and Midland GMRS radios and Delorme Explorer+ GPS.

1998 Toyota 4Runner additions: 31” BFG AT tires, OME and Toytec 2.5” lift, CBI front and rear bumper with swing-out, full CBI skidplates, Bay Area Metal Fab sliders, Prinsu roof rack, Tepui Keukenam 3 person tent, HardKorr lighting inside and out, Safari snorkel, Engo winch with synthetic rope and a Factor 55 Pro Link, communications are via Ham, CB and Midland GMRS radios and Delorme Explorer+ GPS.