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Meet the Martin Family - Folsom, California Background


Meet the Martin Family

Folsom, California

Tepui Tent: Gran Sabana 


Rig: 1994 Toyota Landcruiser, named "The Rumbling Marshmallow" and the back-half of a Toyota pick-up we use as a trailer


Favorite place to adventure: California, Nevada, Oregon and beyond!


Dream travel destination: We have too many dream destinations...but Baja, Alaska, and Canada top our list


Favorite outdoor activity: Camping, mountain biking, skiing, hiking, and exploring with our kids




We love summers together and look forward to getting outside, and this year didn't disappoint. If you ask our kids their favorite part about summer they always answer "sleeping in the tent"! There's something special about setting up camp at dusk, climbing in the tent high off the ground, and getting a great sleep before exploring and hiking and having fun. We love cruising on dirt roads with the windows down playing our favorite songs on repeat. 


This year we traveled and adventured across California. We visited Death Valley, hitting up Warm Springs after crawling over Steel Pass. We took a few trips up into the Sierra Mountains, Truckee, Lake Tahoe, and the foothills outside the Sierras. We went to Pismo Beach, Burney Falls and Crater Lake California edition, and spent a weekend lounging by secluded swimming holes. We also took our boys on a trip to Oregon, exploring Ashland, Crater Lake, and Klamath Falls before driving back into California and checking out the Lava Beds National Monument and cooling off in the caves. The year is only half over and we still have camping and 4x4 trips planned (including our big annual group trip, this year we're headed to Black Rock, Nevada and the Applegate Trail). Every free weekend is time to spend together and we try and make the most of it all while our kids are young!