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Leah Cheney and Austin Johnson - Denver, CO (after our trip...TBD!) Background


Leah Cheney and Austin Johnson

Denver, CO (after our trip...TBD!)

Tepui Tent: Autana Sky + Anti-condensation mat


Rig: 2004 Toyota 4runner “Ol’ Blue” 3” lift w/ 33” Cooper S/T Maxx tires. Custom Rear Bumper, Drawers, Roof Rack, Dual Battery, and 100W Solar.


Favorite place to Adventure: Rocky Mountain Range


Dream Travel Destination: We are currently on our dream travel trip, but we would love to explore Alaska, Canada and Europe.


Fav Outdoor Activity: Hiking, Kayaking, Fishing, and Backpacking 




We are currently on a trip of a lifetime and in part thanks to Team Tepui.  In October we moved out of our house in Denver, quit our jobs, and moved the remainder of our belongings back to Arizona.  We our overlanding in our 2004 Toyota 4Runner and our goal is to get to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world.  We are currently in Colombia and have spent over 100 nights in our Tepui tent since purchasing it in July 2016.  It took us over two years to create and save for this dream trip, with plenty of anxiety and trepidation along the way.  Purchasing our Autana SKY Tepui Tent and Annex gave us the confidence that we could not only survive this trip but that we would actually get to enjoy a good night sleep!  We are also grateful to our family who at the last minute purchased the anti-condensation mat which has helped keep our mattress dry during the wet and humid nights in Central America.


Our tent is more than just a home for us on our journey south; it is also our "friend maker."  Eyes light up at every camp spot, border crossing and village we arrive at because of our Tepui tent.  As soon as Austin grabs the ladder and unfolds the tent we become instant celebrities. Leah, who loves to give the locals a tour of our "casa rodante," was flabbergasted one time when two older gentleman showed little interest in the inside of the tent, rather they were stunned and awestruck by the telescoping ladder.  Wildlife are equally enamored with the tent, including, but not limited to: ants, birds, lizards, cats and of course mosquitoes.  We are grateful for the smart design of our tent, which has successfully kept 99% of these pests out.  


Like many of your customers we are proud to own our Tepui Tent.  Thank you for making this trip of a lifetime a little more sweet.