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Kyle McEniry - Menifee, CA Background


Kyle McEniry

Menifee, CA

Tepui Tent: Kukenam with Annex


Rig: 2005 Toyota Tacoma. All-Pro Armor. Icon & Total Chaos Suspension. Baja Designs Lighting. BFGoodrich KO2 Tires.


Favorite place to adventure: Mojave Desert. Death Valley.


Dream travel destination: Eastern Utah. Colorado. Baja Peninsula.


Favorite outdoor activity: Off-road travel. Camping. Photography. Stargazing. Finding abandoned and old places.



"I grew up in the Southern California deserts learning about the outdoors, camping and riding dirt bikes with my family. There I was taught how to respect and appreciate the outdoors.  Once out of highschool I bought my first Toyota - a 1989 4wd Pickup. My friends and I would spend nearly every weekend driving it around, finding all the oddities and history that had been left behind in the desert. We did that for years and it is what built the foundation for my passion to explore. In 2014, I purchased a 2005 Tacoma and began to build it for overland style adventures. Over the course of a year and with the help and support of some awesome companies it slowly turned into what it is today - the ultimate expedition rig.


Currently, my interest has been in finding old mining camps and the deserted cabins that usually accompany them. Planning, mapping and reaching these places is an enjoyable personal challenge and nearly all our trips start or end at a new discovery. It became so routine that friends urged me to start documenting and sharing what we do and around a campfire. In Death Valley, we coined ExploreDesert. Going forward, we have some amazing trips planned and look forward to what the future holds!" -Kyle McEniry