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John & Christina Amoroso - Bakersfield, CA Background


John & Christina Amoroso

Bakersfield, CA

Tepui Tent: Kukenam Ruggedized


Rig: 2008 Toyota Tacoma + home built trailer


Favorite place to adventure: Big Sur, CA.


Dream travel destination: Anywhere with water for our kayaks and canoe.


Favorite outdoor activity: Motorcycle riding, canoeing, kayaking, and mountain biking.




“My Valentine’s gift to my wife one year was a weekend trip to Santa Cruz to purchase a Tepui tent for our homemade trailer. We haven’t missed a Tepuifest since we bought the tent in 2014, look forward to that trip every year. We also camp locally at Mammoth, Rancho Santa Margarita, El Mirage, and Huntington Lake.


One of our trips to Huntington Lake was interesting. We were camped in our usual spot, and late one night a couple of trucks pulled in with not just one, but two Tepui tents. Of course, we went over to inquire about where they were from and how they liked their tents. Both tents had just been purchased. We helped the new owners set up the tents and showed them tricks we had learned throughout the years.


Wherever we go, people stop to ask about our tent and rig. But who wouldn’t stop to ask about a bright orange tent that is 6.5 feet off the ground? Then they start to really look at the rig, and questions don’t stop. How did you do this? How did you do that? You can really cook on this thing? What’s in there? Some people take a picture of the Toyanvil logo on the trailer and try to Google who made it. One camper eventually came back and said he couldn’t find it online - he was in awe that I built it.


Each year we try to add something new to the rig. This year, it was a ladder that goes from the deck of the trailer to the back entrance of the tent, which will make it easier to put our new puppy, Murphee, in the tent for the night." - John Amoroso